TMGM Shares and Indices
Demo Trading Competition 2024

Until The Competition Finishes
Competition Period: April 22, 2024, 00:00:00 - May 24, 2024, 23:59:59 MT5 time
Registration closes on May 17, 2024 23:59:59 AEDT
The registration is now ended.
We look forward to seeing you in our next competition session.


  • All registered countries are non-Australia and New Zealand TMGM clients.
  • TMGM will send a new MT5 demo account to each participant's email address. It is not allowed to use an existing demo account to participate in the competition.
  • Participants who do not have a registered TMGM account must have at least activated MT4/MT5 account before you can register. Participants with registered TMGM accounts must have at least one activated MT4/MT5 account in your portal before registering.
  • The initial capital for each participant is $100,000.

Profitability Calculation Formula:

  • Rate of Return = ((Final Equity - 100,000) ÷ 100,000) × 100%
Current Ranking
Ranking Nickname Trading Account Profit %

*Your ranking will only be calculated when you have met the effective trading time, and minimum trading volume requirement. Otherwise, it will be considered as invalid registration and your ranking will not be calculated.

*Last update :

Introduction of Award Pool
Certificate: The Top 3 of the competition will be awarded with certificates.
Competition Rules
  1. Only TMGM shares and indices are allowed to be traded in this competition.
  2. Participating demo accounts are not allowed to make additional deposits other than trading with an initial deposit of $100,000. If the principal is completely lost, it will be regarded as eliminated and cannot participate again.
  3. Each participant, identified by their unique email address, is entitled to utilize the demo account provided by TMGM after successful registration for the competition. Participation in the competition is limited to one entry per client, and participants are prohibited from voluntarily withdrawing from the competition. Moreover, the use of additional demo accounts to participate in the competition is prohibited.
  4. All transactions in the competition must be completed within the stipulated competition period.
  5. Explanation of Effective Trading Time and Volume:
    • Trade at least 500 lots, which is 50 standard lots (standard lots are calculated: indices and shares are calculated as 1/10). For example, if you place an order of 100 lots of US500 on MT5, it will be calculated as 10 standard lots (100*0.1) according to the standard lot.
    • Minimum trading hours required: participants must meet one of the following two requirements:
      • Hold 1 position for at least 10 trading days.
      • Open/close at least 1 position per day for 10 consecutive trading days.
    • For accounts registered after the start of the competition, trades made from the moment of successful registration until the end date of the competition (including closed positions and open positions) will count towards effective trading time and volume.
  6. Participants are allowed to use any trading techniques or automated trading systems, provided they do not violate the competition rules. Any arbitrage trading or other behaviours that abuses pricing and/or quoting will result in disqualification from the competition.
  7. Participants must allow and consent to their relevant transaction information to be publicized on the platform and be reviewed. The information to be publicized may include, but is not limited to, transaction types, volumes, and times, and will be used solely in a manner that promotes fairness, transparency, and engagement among Participants.
  8. TMGM reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of this contest.

    Ranking Update & Bonus Distribution:
  • Daily Rankings: Rankings will be updated daily on the official website of the competition at approximately 14:00 AEDT during the competition period.
  • Final Rankings Announcement: The final rankings will be announced on the official website of the competition within a week after the competition ends.
  • Prize Distribution: The winners' award will be distributed to their trading accounts within two weeks after the competition ends.
  1. This Competition is conducted for educational purposes and aims to promote an in-depth understanding of trading knowledge and cultivate participants’ awareness of risk control in a strictly non-profit manner. The Organizer expressly declares that participants are not obligated to open a real trading account or engage in actual trading activities following the competition. Consequently, the organizer assumes no responsibility for any losses that may arise from the decision to open a real account and undertake live trading by any participant.
  2. Participants acknowledge that simulated trading, as conducted in this Competition, serves solely for reference and is fundamentally different from real-world trading. The absence of real money loss in simulated trading and the distinct differences in trading environment and strategy highlight that success within this demo environment does not guarantee similar outcomes in live trading. Participants are advised against using their performance in the Competition as a basis for real-world trading decisions, as this could lead to actual financial losses.
  3. All information, materials, and charts provided during the Competition are intended for reference purposes only and do not constitute an invitation, recommendation, or intention to invest, trade, or hold any specific trading instrument. The Organizer explicitly disclaims liability for any losses incurred by participants who engage in real trading based on the insights, information, or strategies derived from these materials or the simulated trading experience within the Competition.
  4. By participating in the Competition, Participants acknowledge their understanding of the distinct nature of simulated trading and accept that the Competition’s outcomes are not indicative of future success in real trading. Participants bear full responsibility for any trading decisions and financial investments made outside the scope of this Competition, and they are encouraged to seek independent financial advice before applying any strategies developed during the Competition to real-world trading scenarios.
  5. Investing in leveraged products carries high risks and is not suitable for all investors. You have no interest in the underlying asset. Read the Client Agreement and other disclosure documents set forth on our website. The above information is provided by Trademax Global Limited VFSC 40356.